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Philadelphia doctor Kermit Barron Gosnell exposed to be a murderer

Posted by naroor | Posted in General news | Posted on 21-01-2011

Dr.Kermit Gosnell picture

Dr.Kermit Gosnell

A former patient of West Philadelphia Kermit Gosnell is calling for a life sentence of the abortion doctor.In today’s Daily News, 31-year-old Marie Smith details the botched abortion Gosnell performed on her in 1999 that sent her to the emergency room. Gosnell was charged yesterday on nine counts of murder and other offenses.

As WHY Health reporter Taunya English finds, women’s health advocates are speculating that the politics surrounding the abortion debate has created a hole in the oversight of abortion providers in Pennsylvania. Carol Tracy with the Women’s Law Project says that chasm allowed a Gosnell to operate an unsafe and unsanitary practice for decades. A grand jury report released this week says he “killed babies and endangered women.”

Comments from our Readers:

Nicole Smith:”his story is one of the worst examples of abusive medical practice. Its no suprise that things like this were happing begining in 1979 and continued so long without regulation. That is becoming a theme in this county.. The things done to those patients were, clearly criminal. We have an obligation in America to educate ourselves and others. Under educated people in this country are vulnerable , even with insurance.”

Eric Watson: ” I don’t advocate abortion in general but I do believe a woman has a legitimate excuse for abortion if: A) she’s been raped. B) She’s in danger of dying during delivery. C) If more than one doctor tells a parent that their child will grow up to be physically and mentally challenged to the point where the parents would have to be caregivers for the rest of their life.

Maybe if women had affordable access to birth control, there would be no need for abortions. It’s a shame we live in a society where health insurance will pay for Viagra but do little to help women afford birth control.”

Christian Mendez: “Obviously, most of the things he is doing are clearly wrong. However, it does show that there is a need to relax some legislation on abortion by adding more weeks to the time abortion can be administered and more money needs to be allocated to help low income women obtain an abortion.”

Joey Gatabon:”Babies, being most vulnerable & helpless, need the most protection we adults can give. put a stop to these killings!!!”

Australian Open 2011: Roger Federer,Venus Williams struggle to win

Posted by naroor | Posted in Sports | Posted on 19-01-2011

Usually, it’s the heat, not a second round opponent, that gets to a seeded player in the Australian Open tennis championship. But that wasn’t the case Wednesday in the year’s first major match for both Venus Williams and Roger Federer.

Roger Federer tennis pictureschampion, who holds a record of 16 Grand Slam titles.Roger Federer admitted he was lucky to survive a major scare at the Australian Open on Wednesday, beating Gilles Simon 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 4-6, 6-3 in the second round. It was a desperately close call for the defending

His second round opponent has given him trouble in the past. Gilles Simon of France defeated the second-seeded Federer in their two previous meetings. For a while, it seemed as if Simon, who had beaten Federer in their only two previous meetings, would send the Swiss star packing out of a Grand Slam before the third round.

“I remained positive … it paid off. I got lucky. I’m happy I’m still in the tournament,” Federer said.

“I wasn’t playing poorly in the third and fourth set, but Gilles took it to me. Clearly, he’s a great player first of all. Matches against him don’t come easily … hopefully we don’t play each other anymore!”

Fourth-seeded Venus Williams had to overcome an upper leg injury to defeat Sandra Zahlavova of the Czech Republic, 6-7, 6-0, 6-4. Williams will now face German Andrea Petkovic in the third round.

Injury-hit William’s first tournament since the US open looked to have ended in disaster as she screamed out and held her leg in pain when losing the first sets’ decisive point against Czech Sandra Zahlavova. “I don’t know what happened ,” Williams said of her amazing recovery. “I started going for my shots and she wasn’t as composed as she was before– you have to be able to play under all circumstances.”

depression study- internet and depression with teens

Posted by naroor | Posted in Internet | Posted on 19-01-2011

Spending time online is normal behavior for teenagers. But too much Internet use by teens – or too little, for that matter – might be related to depression, a new study finds.

The findings, reported in the journal of Pediatrics, do not mean that the Internet is to blame. For one, teens in the study who spent no time online were also at increased risk of depression symptoms.

Instead, the researchers say that both heavy Internet use, and non-use, could serve as signals that a teenager is having a hard time.

Comments from our readers

Bhanu Prakash : i dont agree bcz right now teenagers get the computer in vert short age and that is they play computer game and as well as uses porn sites, criminals activities, horrible movies with the help of internet that could be harmful for them, and being harmful for them.
so we need to prevent our teenagers to use too much internet.
Jeyanth Krishnan : Internet is just a tool. Use it, just don’t live on in it. Go out. Have fun. Life’s smallest pleasures are out there in the real world and not on the online world.

Changing seasons hindi a r rahman

Posted by naroor | Posted in Music | Posted on 19-01-2011

A R Rahman releases Changing seasons , the latest single from the great musician. The video showcases some of the video pieces of Aiswarya rai from madras talkies and Mani Ratnam movies. Check out the video here

Comments from our readers

Priyadharshini Thamilarasan : you know this is awesome! although, i do prefer the tamil version: naan varuvaen as the lyrics are great in that…n i dont reali understand hindi..lol but still…awesome ar.rahman!

Dinesh Jagadheshwar : Its an awesome video!!! and fr ppls info in tamil this song is naan varuven!! comes aftr raavanan movie is over…but ppl hardly heard this masterpiece in theatre…every1 wants to get outta the hall the moment credit appears….an attitude to be changed isnt it???

Srividhya Subash : Rahman Sir !! The song is amazing….But the visuals….how does it go with the theme….not to take away the credits…Visuals are amazing, but how relevant ??

Sirish Minapalli : oh my…this just made my day…such a heart-warming tune…i’m glad it didn’t just vanish away with the movie. Thanx for bringing it back Sir…the ending is just mindblowing !!!!

Balakrishnan Raja : Superb concept and execution. Please release this on your international album… I’m sure it will top the charts!!